Baby Poop Could Be The Best Predictor Of Intelligence, Study Says

The moment you become new parents, you start dreaming about how your child will turn out as an adult. Even if the baby can’t do any more than cry, smile, eat or poop, it is difficult to resist gazing into their little face and wondering how they’ll be like few years down the lane. Will he/she become an extrovert who’s the life of the party or become an introvert who gets shy with others? Will they be a dancer perhaps, or even a scientist? You’ll get to know most of this as time passes. However, the first year of your child indeed provides signs to figure out the picture of their future-self.

All your prayers have been answered because science says so too. A new study says that you can find the clues for your kid’s intelligence using the baby’s poop.

Yes, you read that right!

An analysis of an infant’s first stool can indicate the level of intelligence, or if the child is prone to problems in cognitive development, research says (1). Researchers from Case Western Reserve University explain that increased levels of FAEE (fatty acid ethyl esters) found in anewborn’s first stool (meconium) from a mother’s alcohol intakeduring pregnancy can indicate if thechild might bevulnerable to develop cognitive problems in his teenage years.