20 Household Rules Mayim Bialik Actually Makes Her Kids Follow

Mayim Bialik has always been on the scene, even she wasn’t. She started her career in acting as Blossom. She more recently has gained notoriety through The Big Bang Theory where she played Amy Farrah Fowler. This show has recently come to its end, but Mayim is nowhere near done.

She continues to vlog and post videos that are interesting, educational and exciting. A lot of them spend a lot of time focusing on her life as a mom and how she raises her children. Mayim has two sons, and she has worked hard to make sure they are kept out of the public eye as much as possible.

This doesn’t mean that the world has not caught on to her unique parenting techniques. She has been seen as a strict and unconventional mom when it comes to the rules she has for her children. We have found 20 household rules that Mayim makes her children follow.Continue Scrolling To Keep Reading